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Club Records


Please see below for the latest Rosanna records. If there is any information that needs to be updated please contact the club.


Please note that Rosanna records include all Rosanna athlete performances including at State or Regional Championships and for the seasons 1970-1971 to 1978-79 when Rosanna was part of the Heidelberg Little Athletics Centre. This means for some events the Rosanna record times are better than the Diamond Valley Little Athletics Centre records.


Track & Field (since 1970-71)

Cross Country (since 2015)

Mutli Event (since 2007-2008)

Relays (since 1989-1990) 


Track and Field Rosanna Club Records




Cross Country Rosanna Club Records (since 2015) 

Multi Event Rosanna Club Records


The Multi event consists of 5 events. Athletes compete in each one and are awared point that are tallied at the end of competition.


In 2012-13 Diamond ValleyLittle Athletics Centre introduced a new Multi Events points system to fall into line with Little Athletics Victoria. Rosanna currently recognises two sets of records. Those set prior to 2012-13 and those set from 2012-13 onwards.

Multi Event Records Since 2012-13 

A new calculation system was introduced in 2012-13. 

 Multi Event Records Prior to 2012-13 

Relay Rosanna Club Records (since 2008-09) plus any Rosanna Centre records since 1989-90

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