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Come n' try athletes


Congratulations on taking the first step to being part of the Rosanna Little Aths family. 


Diamond Valley Little Athletics Centre offers 2 dedicated Come n' try events (usually before the season officially commences). Don't worry if you missed these events as new athletes are welcome to come and try little athletics at any time during the season.


If you are interested in trying little aths make sure you read on to find out how it works.


Before you come and try:


All athletes must be registered with Little Athletics Victoria for insurance purposes. No fees are payable until after you make then decision to join little aths at Rosanna.


We encourage you to register your child with Little Athletics Victoria as a non-financial athlete prior to arriving although, we can help you through this process in our Club tent (please allow time to complete this process). Learn more about the registration process here.


As a come n' try athlete your child will not have the current club uniform, so please ensure your athlete arrives in appropriate clothing and footwear for exercising. Read more

Come n' try events:


Dedicated Come n' try days are offered each year pre season (in September). Come and try days are open program, where new athletes have an opportunity to try out different events under the guidance of our trained Chiefs and Officials. What this means is there is no scheduled program and new athletes are encouraged to go and try out events in their own time. It is encouraged and where possible we do try to ensure new athletes are grouped with similar aged athletes so their experience is a shared one similar to weekly competitions.


Events that will be available on the day include: sprints (on front straight), hurdles (on back straight), discus, shot put, long jump, triple jump and high jump. For the safety of all, please ensure your athlete crosses the track at the designated track crossings and is mindful of discus and shot put events in the middle of the track (view Willinda Park venue map).

What time do you need to arrive? 


Our weekly competition program begins 8:30am for athletes Under 8 to Under 16 (some speciality events like Javelin and Walks start from 7:45am). 


On-Track athletes Under 6 & Under 7 have a dedicated skills program which runs from 9am-10am (U6) and 10am-11am (U7).


For new and come and try athletes you will need to check in at the club tent before you take to the track so please allow 30 minutes to complete this process. Note: if you have already registered your athlete with Little Athletics Victoria you can arrive closer to the start time).


How you will find us?


All weekly competitions and training events are held at Willinda Park Athletic Track in Greensborough (view location map). When you arrive look out for the purple tent at the top of the track and if you have a question or need help? Find someone wearing a purple uniform.


What if it rains?


Generally, competition will go ahead accept in instances of extreme weather. It may mean that some events like hurdles and some field events will not run but the centre has a weather policy and modified programs in place. If weekly competition is impacted by extreme weather, a news flash will be posted on our Facebook page or via our TeamApp 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Read more


What happens next?


After your athlete has had a chance to try some of the events on the day and they are keen to join at Rosanna, come and see us at the club tent where we can assist you with completing the registration process, which includes the payment of centre and club fees, as well as, fitting your athlete with a new club uniform (Eftpos available in tent). Read more



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