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Life Members



2011/12 New Rosanna Life Members (from left) Olivia Reinbold, Laurence Schubert and Jade

Crabtree proudly unveil the new Rosanna Honour Board at presentation day.


Rosanna Little Athletics Club introduced a Life Member Award in 2010. The priority for awarding a life membership is to athletes or former athletes who have contributed at least 10 years service to the club.

From 2015 onwards, Life Membership also includes parents/guardians that have provided significant assistance to the club via committee membership for at least 10 years of service. These life members are identified by * in the list below.


Nominations for Life Membership can be made to the Club Committee in the lead up to presentation day each year.


The Rosanna Honour Board is located at the Diamond Valley Little Athletics Centre at Wilinda Park, Greensborough.


Rosanna Life Members


2024 -  Zoey Ryan

2021 -  James Lynch*

             Jack Lynch

             Ilija Simonovski

2020 -  Shana Simonovski*

             Laz Simonovski*

2018 -  Bronwyn Meaden*

             Calvin Meaden

2017 -  Suzanne Derrett*

             Lucinda Derrett

             Emefa Manteaw*

             Machael Manteaw

             Sue Zerna*

             Warren Zerna*

2016 -  Jamie Parsons*

             Carolyn Hannan*

             Ruth Bloom

             Emma Hannan

             Benjamin Collins

             Holly Mlikota

2015 -  Sharon Hankinson*

             Zac Hankinson           

2014 -  Lachlan Higgs


2013  - Jordi Hankinson

             Jazmyn Keppel

             Hemi Raheke

2011/2012 Inductees

                                                                               Olivia Reinbold

Highlights and achievements:

  • More than 10 years with the club as an athlete and coach

  • Olivia’s introduction to Little Athletics began one September day when she saw the purple tent in Rosanna parklands.

  • Olivia was signed for her first season. The first thing Olivia loved was all the new friends she quickly made. Some of these friendships are still strong today.

  • Olivia did her best at all events, but over time, became very good at hurdles and high jump. Triple jump was also a favourite.

  • In 2005, 07 and 09 Olivia competed in Multi Event. She place 2nd and 7th in two of them.

  • 06/07 Club record holder 80m Hurdles U13’s

  • 07/08 She won Best Performances in High Jump and?80m Hurdles for U14’s

  • 08/09 Club 1st for U15’s

  • In 2007 Olivia received a Certificate of Commendation for Public Speaking titled “Hurdles”

  • Olivia made zone and district in primary school athletics, and has been a State finalist 3 times at high school in Hurdles and 4 x 100 relay. It is without doubt that Little Athletics was the grounding for her success at school athletics.

  • When Olivia finished up at LA, she did an introduction to coaching that enabled her to volunteer Saturday mornings to coach the ontrackers. She did this for 2 seasons and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

  • Olivia is still involved with Vic Little Aths coaching after school care groups at various primary schools in her local area 2 afternoons a week. Olivia also plays a high level of netball and is introducing her skills to these groups as well.

  • Olivia is and always will be an active, enthusiastic and healthy young person.



                                                                                 Laurence Schubert

Highlights and achievements:

  • Started Under 6 On Track in 2001 and completed Under 7 On Track in 2002.

  • 11 years with Rosanna as an athlete

  • Under 8 - Region: 1st 70m Sprint, 1st 100m Sprint, 1st 200m Sprint, Broke Rosanna Record for 300m, 60m Hurdles and 200m Sprint

  • Under 9 - State: 2nd 80m Hurdles, 4th Multi Event, 1st 4 X 100m Mixed Sex, 2nd 4 X 200m Relay, 3rd Medley Relay, Region: 1st 80m Hurdles, 1st 100m Sprint, 2nd 60m Hurdles, 1st Long Jump, 2nd Region Multi, Region Record for 60m Hurdles and part of Medley Relay Record, Rosanna Record for 80m Hurdles

  • Under 10: State: 1st 80m Hurdles, 2nd Multi Event, 1st 4 X 100m Mixed Sex, 2nd 4 X 100m Relay, 2nd 4 X 200m Relay. Region: 1st Multi Event, 1st 200m Sprint, 1st 60m Hurdles, 1st 80m Hurdles, 2nd Triple Jump, Broke DVLAC Record for 80m Hurdles and Rosanna Record for 200m Sprint and 80m Hurdles

  • Under 11: State: 5th 60m Hurdles, 5th 80m Hurdles, 1st 4 X 200m Relay, 2nd Medley Relay, Region:?1st Multi Event, 1st 60m Hurdles, 1st 80m Hurdles, 4th Triple Jump. Part of team that broke 4 X 100m and 4 X 200m Region Relay Record

  • Under 12 State: 1st 60m Hurdles, 2nd 80m Hurdles, 2nd Multi Event, 2nd 4 X 200m Relay. Region: 1st Multi Event, 1st 60m Hurdles, 1st 80m Hurdles, 3rd 70m Sprint, Broke Rosanna Record for 80m Hurdles

  • Under 13: State: 1st 4 X100m Mixed Sex, 3rd 4 X100m Relay, 6th Multi Event. Region: 1st 300m Hurdles

  • 1st 80m Hurdles, 3rd Long Jump, 1ST Multi Event, Laurence was diagnosed with a serious knee injury prior to State Track and Field and was unable to compete in State Track or Field and subsequently run for 15 months.

  • Under 14: Was still recovering from his knee injury and was only able to do throws throughout this season. Region: 1st Shot Put, 2nd Discus

  • Under 15:The week following Region Multi Laurence cracked his ankle growth plate and was unable to run for the remainder of the season. State: 6th Discus, Region: 1st Multi Event, 2nd Discus

  • Under 16: State: 3rd 4 X 100m Mixed Sex; 4th Multi Event; Region: 1st Multi Event. Broke DVLAC Record for Javelin 3 times throughout the season.

  • REGION MULTI EVENT: 1st Region Multi U10, U11, U12, U13, U15, U16 and 2nd in U9. (Didn’t compete due to injury in U14). This is one of Laurence’s favorite achievements and he thinks it is pretty special to win so many Region Multi’s and is extremely proud of his effort.

  • In Grade 6, same age as Under 12’s Laurence won the 60m Hurdles title in the Victorian Primary Schools Sports Association Championships.?Laurence completed an Introduction to Coaching in November 2011 and a Level 1 Coaching Course in February 2012.



                                                                                      Jade Crabtree

Highlights and achievements: 

  • Started at Little Aths as an ontracker in under 6

  • 11 years with Rosanna little Athletics Club as an athlete

  • Diamond Valley Centre Champion in years in 2006-07 and 2007-08

  • Under 11 State Gold medals, 5 State Silver medals, 5 State Bronze Medals

  • Under 11 and Under 12 state multi records

  • State Multi Champion in Under 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13’s

  • Under 13 Victorian team, set 6 region records

  • Current holder of 32 Rosanna records across track and field, multi and relay events

2010/2011 Inductee


                                                                                      Glynis Schubert

Highlights and achievements:


  • Glenys started Little Athletics for Rosanna in Under 10 in 1970 and finished in Under 11’s in 1972 (pictured on the far left).

  • Started at Diamond Valley in 1999 when her son Alexander commenced On Track in Under 7’s. Joined the DVLAC Committee as a Ticket Writer 2008-09 Season and have carried that role on until 2011-12.

  • Helped out with Rosanna’s Shot Put and Discus duties before going to the back straight as the Chief Finish Assistant in the 2005/06 Season and took over as Chief Finish Judge/ Organiser half way through the 2006/2007 Season and have been in that role ever since.

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