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Relay Championships


Throughout the season there are many opportunities for athletes to participate in championship events offered by Diamond Valley Little Athletics Centre, Northern Metro Region (NMR) and Little Athletics Victoria. 


Diamond Valley Relay Championships

Saturday 21 Oct 2017 - Willinda Park


Diamond Valley Championship events (aka centre championship events) such as Relays, Multi's and Track & Field are speciality events that replace regular competition programs during the season for athletes U8-U16.

During championship events, On-Track athletes will have their on-track program modified to include specialty activities during their normal scheduled program.


Please note championship rounds may run an hour or 2 longer than a regular weekly competition round. 


Please note: all athletes must be in full uniform; club top, competition bib, black shorts and appropriate footwear. Learn more...


Events offered at Centre Relays: 4x100m, 4x200 and 4xMedley (800)


Centre Relays - FAQ's


Can all athletes compete?


There are NO minimum requirements to participate in Centre Relays. All U8-U16 financial athletes are eligible to compete on the day. During championship events, On-Track athletes U6-U7 will have their on-track program modified to include specialty activities during their normal scheduled program.


How do I register my athlete?


Prior to the event, Rosanna club Team Managers, Silvia Misuraca and James Lynch will ask athletes (during regular weekly competition) to confirm their interest in competing at Centre Relays. If you did not advise our club Team Managers that your athlete wishes to compete, check in at the club tent early on the day and we will ensure your athlete has an opportunity to participate. Relay championships will replace regularly programing for athletes U8-U16.


So what happens on the day?


Athletes should arrive in the Club tent 15-30 mins prior to the start of the program to mark off their name and find out which events / teams they will be competing in (Relay program will be made available via our club TeamApp).  


Please note: Where there are more than 4 athletes per age group athletes will be allocated to A, B and in some instances C teams. Age groups with less than 4 athletes will be allocated to composite teams with other athletes from other clubs. 


How are athletes selected for teams?


Centre championship relay teams are chosen based on athlete performance within the club for that season.  As Relays are run early on in the season, a timing history may not be available for all athletes (especially if your athlete is new to Little Aths).  


Please note: It is important to remember, that participation is the goal and what team an athlete is allocated to or where a team places is not the only focus on the day. Please encourage your athlete/s to focus on team participation and not whether or not they win a medal. 


Are medals or ribbons awarded on the day?


Yes. Medals will be awarded to Teams who place 1st, 2nd and 3rd (measured by time not necessarily by the place finished in race). Ribbons will be awarded to remaining teams. Placings are measured by times to shorten the length of the program. If athletes were required to run heats and finals, the event would need to be run over 2 days (and no one wants that).


The purpose of offering Relay Championships at a Centre level is to give athletes exposure to competition style events, where if the athlete chooses, can be taken to the next level of competition such as Region or State Championship events.


Please note: participating in Centre Relays does not mean athletes / teams will automatically progress to Region or State relay events. Athlete's must enter, compete and place in Region events to qualify for State Championship events. 



Northern Metro Region (NMR) Relay Championships

Saturday 25 Nov 2016 - Whittlesea City Athletics Track


In additional to Centre championships events, Northern Metro Region Little Athletics (NMR) offers registered financial athletes (U8-U15) the opportunity to compete in championship events such as Relays, Multi's and Track & Field.


These events are separate from Centre competitions and athletes must register separately to compete. NMR championship events are run in addition to regular weekly programs and athletes are required to purchase a centre uniform.


Please note: competing at a Region level requires a certain level of commitment from your athlete and family who will be required to undertake duties on the day.


Events offered: 4x100m, 4x200 and 4xMedley (800) and Mixed Relays


Register your interest in Region Relay here or speak to our Team Managers, Silvia Misuraca and James Lynch in the club tent

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