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Coaching is run by the centre and offered every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening during the summer season.


Coaching session times Willinda Park:


Athletes Under 6 to Under 11

Monday 5pm-6pm

Tuesday 5pm-6pm

Friday 5pm-6pm


Athletes Under 12 to Under 16

Monday 6pm-7pm

Tuesday 6pm-7pm

Friday 6pm-7pm


Please note coaching is offered free to all fully financial athletes and where possible the availablility of events will be aligned to our weekly program.  All training sessions are subject to change depending on coach availability etc.


Rosanna Coaching Philosophy 


The primary focus of our junior training is skill development. Excellence comes from adding power to highly developed skills. In junior athletics the focus is on mastering the required skills. As adolescence arrives, power can be added to that skill base. Power plus skill will equal that person’s maximum level of performance. It is all about helping that person achieve their best. That is our aim and it is the job of the coach to get this done whilst at the same time making it fun.


Coaches and parents of athletes at Rosanna will be guided by the following principles regarding the development of our athletes:


  1. All athletes will always be encouraged to have fun at training and at competition sessions

  2. All athletes will be positively encouraged at all times

  3. Coaches and parents will set achievable objectives for athletes

  4. Rosanna is a club for athletes of all abilities

  5. Coaches and parents will provide guidance, support and direction that are consistent with DVLAC, VLAA and ATFCA coaching and competition guidelines

  6. Athletes will be encouraged to always do their best

  7. Athletes will be encouraged to make friends and work together as a team within Rosanna and with other athletes of DVLAC clubs

  8. Older athletes will be encouraged to assist younger athletes achieve their best

  9. Athletes will be encouraged to achieve Personal Bests (PBs) as often as possible

  10. All parents of Athletes are required to be involved with administration, officiating and supporting Rosanna

  11. Good sportsmanship and integrity must be maintained by all Rosanna Athletes, Officials and Parents

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