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Age Group Co-ordinators

Age Group Co-ordinators assist the the team managers (Claire, Robin and Bob D.) to ensure athletes can get to their events, entries are in on time for Championship events and assist during the season including on relay day.

Parent duties continue to be the first priority and where we are looking short of parents and utilise the older age group co-ordinators first where we duties need to be completed.


Below are the the Age Group Co-ordinators for the 2014-15 season. 


2014-15 Age Group Co-ordinators


The role of age group co-ordinator is a very straight forward one and is to:

  • Mark off attendance

  • Assist athletes get to their events

  • Support the team managers with team manager responsibilities including disseminating information and collecting entry forms

  • Facilitate the use of the correct technique, attitude, behaviour and skill development together with Rosanna Coaches.


For any further information on the co-ordinator system please contact one of the Rosanna committee members - contact details here.

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